Woodhall Spa's World War II historical story

Each of the trail sites around Woodhall are marked by interpretation boards. These carry just a summary of information about each particular site with more detailed content to be found here. The boards link to the relevant page here by QR pads - you'll need a smartphone with reader obviously to do so. Additionally, there is a Wartime Woodhall Heritage Trail leaflet available from the Cottage Museum.

The aim is to instigate community involvement whereby people contribute articles etc. to build upon our research. The interpretation panels will contain the knowledge and research we have now; and, the plan is for there to be links to the Cottage Museum site where additional content will be added as it arises (this will be moderated and not open for anyone to post).

Additionally, historical groups, military associations and individuals will be invited and indeed encouraged to contribute articles to the site content with due accreditation.

A Sea of Blue and Khaki
An Early Reveille for Woodhall Spa
Tallboy and Grand Slam
The Flicks in the Sticks
From Galloway to Arnhem
All In This Together
Montgomery's Visit
Two VC's