Two-hour facilitated visits

The award-winning Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum, after being extensively refurbished with new displays and interpretation, offers several two hour cross-curricular facilitated visits:

Toys and Games Past and Present

KS1 & KS2

Pupils can learn about the Victorian and Edwardian children who lived in the bungalow and the types of toys and games they may have played with, and compare them with their own.

Pupils can dress as a Victorian, play with toys and games, join in a singing game, listen to stories about the donkeys at Woodhall Spa, try out a parlour game, and finally colour a Snakes and Ladders board, or design a ‘Race Game’ or make a simple toy, such as a Peg Doll.

Curriculum links
  • History
    Changes within Living memory, looking at Past and Present and links such as board games
  • English
    Interactive participation, speaking and listening


Shops and Shopping Past and Present

KS1 & KS2

Pupils can explore the differences between shops and shopping past and present and use evidence including photographs and artefacts to find out about shops and shopping and goods in Victorian and Edwardian Woodhall.

They can dress in Victorian costume and visit the grocer’s shop displayed with authentic goods, and use pre-decimal currency. The session will include weighing activities and investigating packaging, brand names and changes in shopping habits.

Curriculum links
  • History
    Local history using photos, records and artefacts, historical enquiry, social history
  • Numeracy
    Problem solving, addition and subtraction
  • English
    Interactive participation, speaking and listening


Local History Detectives


Explore the bungalow and investigate a variety of local history resources including artefacts, maps, early photographs and written resources.

Discover how different forms of evidence can help us learn about people in the past and how they lived.

The cross-curricular session will include enquiry skills, handling artefacts, challenges and an art and design activity.


Victorian Christmas

KS1 and KS2

Pupils can explore our unique and welcoming Victorian family home decorated for a Victorian Christmas, and discover how Christmas was celebrated in late Victorian and early Edwardian times. Pupils will be met by costumed volunteers and can have fun dressing up themselves. They can use photographs to learn more about the children who lived here.

This two hour cross-curricular workshop will include the opportunity to play with traditional toys and games and compare toys and games past and present. Finally, pupils can make a Victorian style gift or decoration which they can take back to school.

Curriculum Links
  • History
    comparing past and present, local history
  • English
    interactive participation, speaking and listening

The sessions run from 10.00am – 12.00noon or 1.00pm – 3.00pm.

Cost £4.00 per pupil to cover the cost of materials.


For details please contact the Education lead: or 01526 352456

Here is a link to our School Visits Leaflet please click on link.  School Visits leaflet